Cecilia La Incomparable

Best Feature Film
Best Director Feature Film
Best Actress Feature Film
Hospitalized in coma 2016, Cecilia capitulates how her voice with unparalleled range is discovered at school in 1960. Her success is overwhelming. Her loving awakening with best friend Morena is a problem with the conservative environment. We jump to 80s imprisonment that put her career at risk as the brutal beating of the interrogation leaves Cecilia unable to sing after a toxic relationship.
Behind Cecilia in Coma 2016 is Sol her last love. We go back to de 60s, Cecilia is a popular teen idol star, signed by the Odeon music label. Wins Viña del Mar festival and goes on tour to Spain with her father as manager. Distance with Morena becomes a pain and takes big risk coming back to Chile where fate and the coup d’état changes her plans and illusions, forcing her to hardly survive.



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