When We Dare To Exist

Best LGBT Film
The film “Quando Ousamos Existir” (When We Dare to Exist) relives the intense political-cultural fight for freedom and LGBT affirmation during the 70s until the first acts of liberation during the 80s. In over 40 years of the Brazilian LGBT movement, its actions blend with the changes in the country’s democracy.
Producer, Director
Cláudio Nascimento, Marcio Caetano
Marcio Caetano
Main Casting
Alice Oliveira, Beth Fernandes, Caê Rodrigues, Célio Golin, Cláudia Regina, Cristina Câmara, Denise Carvalho, Edward McRae, James Green, João Silvério Trevisan, John McCarthy, Luciano Bezerra, Luiz Mott, Marcelly Malta, Marisa Fernandes, Paulo Fatal, Regina Facchini, Peter Fry, Richard Parker, Rinaldo Almeida, Rita Colaço, Sérgio Carrara
Toni Reis, Vagner Almeida, Veriano Terto, Yone Lindgren, Jovanna Baby, Cláudio Nascimento


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