What Else Is On? Review

What Else Is On? By Tyler Council.

What Else Is On? is an experimental featured movie, which is based on addressing multiple issues and topics in funny and comic ways. What Else Is On?  addresses many topics, from selling shoes to health-related stuff, fertility problems, and so on…

The movie begins with a light introduction and highlights the segments in the film. And then it procced towards all the segments one by one. Its first segment begins when Dr. Belvivian Vongrum is announcing the new treatment for pregnancy, and the funny part is the dosage for the pregnancy.  

What Else Is On?  successfully shows all the events one by one and maintains the comedy which is the main point of the movie. it shows the telemarketing style to give a message to the viewers.

At one point it was very interesting when the Mckinley high, The New class started with the introduction of Jennifer Lorette, Michele Richards, Sib Malon, Ray Kage, Vin Vessel, Miles Walton, Bradly Smiley, Stephenie Wibblerton, Bob Jhon, Hornie Trippitrof, etc, etc…

In the other half of the movie, once again the film reflects the method of telemarketing on TV where the actors as doctors get up advertising the Bed Mates, with a very funny introductory “line full of Interior Anal Cavity FecalSubtractor-Vac Pump”.

The most powerful aspect of the movie is the performers, all the actors and actresses did a wonderful job, and made this project very meaningful, they show great skills in acting, sometimes very emotional, and most of the time extremely funny. 

Even though the executions could have been far better,  it could have been more interesting as web series with all the different segments, but still, it was a great effort to convert this into a feature, more likely an experimental feature, and Tyler Council as director, writer, and producer, and his all team did a good job with this movie, and we wish him and his team for many more in the future.


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