To Conceal a Crime/Movie review

To Conceal a Crime is a Swedish short film. written, produced, and directed by Henric Hammarslätt. The movie begins with one of the main characters in deep thought and busy cleaning a bird’s skin.

The suspense is created by another man coming to him and telling him about his father’s critical health condition. and they give a hint of revenge from someone.

The guy goes outside and crosses all the dangers to reach his target and kill him. 

By reaching his target, the movie turns into another drama which shows that both the men have feelings for each other, and they go to take a warm bath together, this sequence takes the viewers away from the basic concept of revenge, but suddenly its shows that such feelings were not real, that was the plan of the revenge and both were actually trying to kill each other. 

The actual target got killed with a knife attack, and the killer  (Main character) ran away.

If we talk about the movie review, it seems an average movie, but the technical side looks strong enough, with camera work, background music, lighting, and costumes being the strongest parts of the film, and another strong aspect of the movie is the acting of all the characters in the movie To Conceal a Crime.


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