1st Short Film


Winner My 1st Short film A short film about what it’s like to work in an emergency department at a large hospital in Stockholm. When workload is against one’s own values. Producer, Director Marléne Alpglöd Writer Marléne Alpglöd, Michele Caroline Vollmer Main Casting Michele Caroline Vollmer, Nils Westman, Sabina Khamoshi, Erik Dahlin

Bead Brothers

Winner My 1st Short film Bekir (11) and his brother Ahmet (7), born in a world where violence is normalized and poverty and injustice begin, are two brothers who do not get along very well with each other… Producer Aykut Temel, Ousama Hijazi Director, Writer Aykut Temel Main Casting Kadir Bertan , Yusuf Bertan , …

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Winner My 1st Short film A tenacious, young girl, going through hardship and struggling to pursue her education, finds solace and assistance in a friendly stranger with ulterior motives. Producer Ruby Igwe Chiemeka Osuagwu Writer Chiemeka Osuagwus Director Chiemeka Osuagwu Main Casting Ifeoluwa Eninla Baaj Adebule Chinelo Judith Ochasi