Stranger in the woods

Stranger in the Woods competed at the Stockholm City Film Festival and won three major categories!
Best Actress Feature Film
Best Actor Feature Film
Best Cinematography


Stranger in the Woods is an incredible film directed by Adam Newacheck, and written by Holly Kenny. It demonstrates that friends may occasionally pose actual threats in addition to being the solution.

Olivia’s friends take her on a weekend getaway to the woods after she recovers from a painful experience. The laid-back weekend starts to go apart when her dog abruptly vanishes, and everyone’s sanity follows.

The star of the show, Olivia, and her four other pals, Sam, Branden, Lian, and Theresa, made their way to Clayton, Sam’s brother’s cabin. Clayton strikes us as a hard-core conservative. He objected to Olivia’s dog when they first got to the cabin, but once Sam interrupted him, he gave in.
Olivia’s dog mysteriously vanished, and she quickly began to believe that Clayton was the person who took it. Olivia’s companion, Brandon, also disappeared, but no one was aware of it; they assumed perhaps he had returned.
The circumstances intensified the drama, suspense, and thrills. Olivia discovered that Clayton had spied on all of the wooden houses and that they had all been camera-controlled.

With all of these occurrences, the movie reached its conclusion, but the anticlimax was even more dramatic when the other friends left and Olivia and Sam chose to stay at the house. Later, she discovered that Sam, a close friend of hers, and not Clayton, was the odd beast.
Sam also attempted to kill her, but with Clayton’s unexpected help, she was able to survive. Sam then killed Clayton, and Olivia later killed Sam in self-defense.
The photography, lighting, and editing looked incredible, and all of the actors gave outstanding performances and displayed excellent teamwork. Holly Kenny performed an incredible job as the writer; Adam Newacheck made a film that merits high praise; and Kolly Kenny did a fantastic job as Olivia.


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