Stranger in the Barn. a music video by Rose Bush and Kirsten Bode.

Stranger in the Barn is a song and a music video directed by Rose Bush and Kirsten Bode and produced by Linnéa Andersson and Helena Windinghoff.

The music video is based on a true experience, and the song tells the story of the incident. The main character is performing to explain the whole scenario. When she saw the stranger, she first became afraid and ran away to inform her family about it. She was shocked at how a stranger could be at her family’s ranch. She went to her family and informed them, and everyone seemed worried. At first, they make a weird plan to tackle the situation by attacking the place where the stranger was seen, but then they make a wiser plan to invite the stranger to a party, and the lead character goes to him and invites him to a party. He joins the party and then leaves the place with a smiling face.

The video was shot perfectly; it is all indoor work, but the story, poetry, animations, camera work, lighting, and more effectively, the expression and acting of the performers, especially the lead actress, made this video a treat to watch.

Stranger in the Barn competed in the Stockholm City Film Festival in the category for the best music video and won the race.


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