Sonder by Davide the review for SCFF

Sonder is a short fiction movie that is directed by Davide Picci, and he is also the writer of Sonder. The synopsis gives a clear hint to the theme of this movie.


Through a unique lens, “Sonder” follows a cinematographer’s journey as she grapples with the loss of her eyesight while striving to maintain her artistic vision.

Elena Rojas played the role of Rosa, and she is an ambitious film director whose aim is to make a movie that could make the world a better place. Rosa’s dialogue explains her aim in the first scenes of the movie!


The purpose of my life is to make one good movie, and it will make the world a less shitty place, says Rosa.

Rosa’s meeting with a doctor creates suspense in the movie, where she seems to fight with her health condition as well as her confidence.

On the set of her movie, she had a lack of confidence, and for a short time, she left the set. As she left the set, the assistant started speculating against her that the producer should replace her with another director. That speculation hit her harder, but suddenly, when one of the assistants came to her and gave her the courage and confidence to finish her job, she joined the set again and first kicked out the assistant who started speculating against her. This situation gives us the message that we have all types of people around us, some of the people near us could be troublemakers for us and could bring darkness to us, but on the other side, we surely could have people around us who could hold our hands, be our strength, and bring light to us.

Rosa completed her movie project with full determination and focus, and the movie overall is great work; the writing skills of the writer were up to the task, and the direction of the movie is also highly appreciable. The camera, work, lighting, and editing all look perfect for an independent movie. 

The Sonder competed in the Stockholm City Film Festival in two categories, and it won the best short film category.


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