Socio-political a film by Umur Işık

Socio-political is an experimental feature directed, produced, and written, produced and directed by Umur Işık.


A writer seeks refuge in a storm and finds it in a retired factory worker’s house. As the night continues things turn out not to be what they seem and the two with sinister plans try to outdo each other in a fight to exist and be free.


The movie starts with the ambiance of rain, thunderstorms, and a pistol on the ground. Pierre Mercier speaks about the usual ending of the beginning and a woman’s dead body on the floor.

Pierre Mercier plays the character of the writer in the movie, and he is writing his theater script. Meanwhile, Gaspard knocks on the door and enters to avoid the storm. They introduce each other and explain the things they do. Pierre is a writer, and he seems very passionate about his writing. Some of his dialogues show his passion for his writing!

“I woke up one morning and had a sudden urge to do something.

After a long struggle, I scrabbled a word or two by force.

And after that day, the closer I was to the words, the more beautiful I was, and the farther I was, the uglier I was.”

At the other end, Gaspard explains herself, “I only produced paintings that sat dusty in a bedroom without getting their final blow, poems without rhymes, and photographs that never had their negatives.”

The movie tells us about the complex and unfair system we are living in. This system eventually tires everyone out anyway. It is like saying everything is fine or everything will be fine, but it’s not. The film also tells us that the system shows us one side of the picture by telling us that new businesses and job opportunities will be created, but they never tell us about the existing businesses and jobs that are closing down. The film also highlights the struggle and importance of unions working for the rights of workers.

The best thing about the movie was the perfect performances by both actors. Both of them played their roles well, and Umur Işık the director, writer, and producer of the movie, proved his skills in all three fields and did well.

The weak aspect of the movie is that it is too long; it could have been more effective with a shorter duration, and the audience would have been more connected to the subject.


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