Movie Reviewe Gaganachari

Movie Review, Gaganachari
Gaganachari is a sci-fi mockumentary in a dystopian future where the existing stranglehold of a hostile socio-political climate rattles civilization. The story focuses on the lives of three bachelors who reside in an apocalypse bunker whose lives get turned upside down when a visitor from a far-off planet enters their domicile.
The above paragraph is from the film’s synopsis. Gaganachari is a good film, and there are some positive points in it we can speak about.

The 1st and the most relevant aspect of the film are that it is technically a good movie, its been nicely shootout, the camera work looks good, the lighting makes the movie much more attractive towards its theme, and the audio quality during the entire film is spot-on.
The movie successfully conveys the message of the importance of harmony and peace on the Earth, and it speaks about the importance of Earth’s security and safety.
The film also tells or promotes Indian culture, and they did so in a good way. And the comic dialogues are treated to watch.

The 1st scene of the Gaganachari starts with the intro of the film it starts from the space station and talks about the heavy rain in Kerala.
In the later part, the film takes us to the future year 2032, world war 3 happened, and the planet earth is not a safe residence for humans.
One of the characters, Victor, speaks about the problems around, the talks about petrol and gold hikes in 2025, and economic, social, and political chaos. Victor thinks about leaving the Earth and moving to the moon in the coming ten years, but he is still in love with Earth.
All the characters in the film, especially Allan, Alien/Eliyaamma, Vaibhav, and Victor, perform very well, and the actors’ level is error-free.
And the other good aspect of the film is the use of animations, it makes the film more relevant to its subject.

From the critics’ point of view, we can say that the arrival of the aliens’ in a glowing portal in the sky looks very traditional as the other alien films, and there is nothing new in that part of the film but the animation work regarding the alien is well done.
Sometimes we feel that the film is unnecessarily dragged, and the viewer could easily lose the grip of watching it till the end, it could have been an even better movie with a shorter version.



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