Best LGBT Film
This story clearly depicts the real struggle of a transgender. It shows his journey from childhood to becoming MLA, where he brutally went through many parameters. He was extremely tortured by family members, starve for many days, locked in a room and finally they kicked him out of his house in a very disrespectful manner. He survives by begging everywhere and sleeping on roads. Then he came across the transgender community, where he was respectfully introduced. He became a sex worker to earn his bread and butter. Still, he didn’t give up. After getting approval from supreme Court, he takes an admission to a college and became Sub-inspector. He solve a very crucial case, but even after that he didn’t get any respect he deserve, and that’s why he leave that job too. Later on, he started social work, helping many people, opening a trust for orphans, and providing them education with and a good lifestyle.


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