I was amazed by the magic of cinema: Daniele Nicolini

Daniele Nicolini from Ancona, Italy, a wonderful small town by the sea in the middle of the Adriatic Sea. He completed his graduation from the University of Bologna with a B.A. in Literature and Philosophy, minor in Cinema Studies and later on he moved to Canada, where he studied Film Production degree at the Vancouver Film School in 2010.


What is your ultimate inspiration as a filmmaker?

I was amazed by the magic of cinema since I can remember. I recall watching The Empire of The  Sun, by Steven Spielberg, in the theatre when I was around six years old, and that was with no doubt the exact moment I decided that movies would have to be my life. Since then, I was inspired by many directors, but if I have to mention some more, I would go with Billy Wilder, Terry Gilliam, Federico Fellini, Quentin Tarantino, the Cohen Brothers, and David Lynch.


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