Best Actress Feature Film

This is the story of a struggling 11 years old girl maadhuri to change her brother and sisters life through her hard work and positive attitude; who takes care of herself and a drunken mad father by begging along with her younger siblings on traffic signal. Her father Raka used to drink the money earned by them and beat up those children every day. Only the fear of earning money fills the mind. Madhuri possess quality for dancing; with the help of Mahima, a trainer of a dancing institute, she improves her dancing skills. Through this she wants to change her and her siblings’ life.She attends a live concert but gets defeated in it but her performance goes viral on social media and she becomes a dancing star overnight. In this story, we will see power of social media and an overnight life changing story of an ardent girl.
Producer, Writer, Director
Saiyed Shahid Khan
Main Casting
Jini Akram Khan


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