Winner of the month

Low Budget Horror Flick
Fifth Tide
A Certain Future
The Great Escape
Glass Works

Winner Best Actress Feature Film Sally (Nova Hellman) is a young filmmaker whose passion for moviemaking makes her want to create horror films together with her friend Laurie (Diana Makenzius)

Winner Best Short Documentary Winter swells, thundering waves, sharp reefs, paddling larger waves with guns, and the struggle and joy that comes with all of that. FIFTH TIDE shows the

Winner Best Drama Tamás, the successful architect is compelled to do his work from home, so he has much more time to pay a lot more attention to himself and

Winner Best Short Film The year is 2030 and the UN: 's climate deadline approaches. An imminent verdict looms large over the world. Meanwhile, Ivar and Mathilda are settling into

Winner Best Music Video A visually stunning celebration of diverse dance styles fusing into harmony. Captivating choreography, mesmerizing synergy. Prepare for a spectacular journey where cultures unite through dance.

Winner Best LGBT film When Carl has to find somewhere to live after confessing to his wife he was gay, best mate Ali's boyfriend Matt offers him his spare room

Winner Best Feature Film Best Director Feature Film Three Illegal immigrants living in the United States steal a bag full of money from a blind man who works for the

Winner Best Actor Short Film A lyrical reminiscence of an innocent childhood friendship in Hong Kong in the 80s, when being kind to someone did not require a reason like


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