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My Tinder date…
The Fate of Cysalion
The INsiders
Fog of War
Locked In

Winner Best Actress Best Supporting Actress When Bea's date cancels 15 minutes before their date after weeks of planning, Bea has had enough. Bea asks her bff Maria for help,

Winner Best Screenplay The Fate of Cysalion is a three-hour live-action musical that blurs the line between film and theatre. It is the centerpiece of a fantasy saga that tells

Winner Best Super Short Film A young model recounts her meeting with a photographer with whom she will live a love story. She becomes his muse. We discover the photographic

Winner Best Feature Film Best Director Feature Film The story revolves around the 'Ghadar Movement', when Indian freedom fighters were putting their lives at risk to overthrow British rule and

Winner Best LGBT film Emily befriends Imogen online which is the start of a relationship that takes an unexpected course leaving Emily in the dark...

Winner My 1st Short film Three educated (and bored) twenty-somethings are working a dead-end job in a gas station. Their futures are grim. When a group of bank robbers turn

Winner Best Covid-19 Film Best Actress Audience choices The story of the post-pandemic effects through the lens of a teen family drama. Surviving the pandemic is easy, What comes after

Winner Best Short Film October 20th 1918 - The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, WWI Enlisted TOMMY ATKINS is not cut out for war. He is nearly paralyzed by fear, yet he is

Winner Best Actress Feature Film Richard Martin (Shaji Edward) is a wealthy businessman and a successful Indo-American writer. His daughter Jenifer Martin (Hannah Areechira), is a college-going girl with a


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